Platinum Play Online Casino

I always load up the casino eagerly when this day rolls around, reload if needed, and have a punt. I am seldom disappointed. This was one of those days.

The game is pretty good I suppose; but I had very little luck (read: none at all) and my viewpoint is somewhat skewed. Still – what’s icy cold for me may be boiling hot for you – after all, the dollars I pumped into the game have to come out somewhere; and that could well be your pocket!

First – the nitty gritty. This is a 9 line, 20 coin per line video slot ; with coin sizes ranging from 0.01 to 0.25 meaning you can bet between a penny and $45 (or your currency of choice) per spin. The game is pretty to play, as all images animate on a winning sequence. I didn’t experience much in the way of winning combos; but when I did hit I hit hard – which almost made up for the spins without a single reward.

The bonus game is bog-standard fair. It is just a simple pick X of Y to get free spins, a multiplier and some coins as an initial win. The idea is nice – they’re spoofing the concept of wooing a lady of the orient with extravagant gifts (in this case free spins, a multiplier and some coins) – you get to choose which ones to open. The game offers you between 10 and 40 free spins, with a 1x to 5x multiplier and up to 102x your total bet as coins; all dependant on how many scatters you got to trigger the bonus game in the first place.

I’ll be honest – it took over 500 spins before I hit the bonus game for the 1st time; and almost as many as that before I got a second bite of the cherry. That said – the wins were pretty big when they happened. Still I ended up losing a fair amount. On the plus side – that means the jackpot has just grown substantially – just waiting for you to win it! Why not try your luck at Platinum Play . You can’t do worse than I did …