Dusk Till Dawn Awaits the Fate of Casino License in Nottingham

The time is drawing near in which Dusk Till Dawn Poker will find out if their ambitious plans to open one of Europe’s largest casinos and the largest poker room in Europe will be approved by the Magistrates Court. A somewhat tense situation, Dusk Till Dawn has already secured the premises for the gaming site and has invested overĀ  7 Million in its construction and securing a 15-year lease. Surprisingly, all this has been done without having been formally granted a casino gambling license.

Although Dusk Till Dawn Poker has already received permission (more like blessings) from the UK Gambling Commission to operate the poker room and casino, approval from the Magistrate’s Court is needed before the license can be granted. And with some objections from local Nottingham casinos being voiced to the Magistrate’s, everything is not in the clear just yet.

It is always a gamble when applying for a UK gambling license, considering that applicants must already secure the premises for where the casino license is to be used. Gaining the blessings of the UK Gambling Commission, however, is a sign that the license has very good chances of being approved. Dusk Till Dawn owner, Paul Young, expressed these sentiments, in addition to pleading his case further by citing the fact that the new project has already helped the Nottingham economy, and will continue to do so over the next fifteen years.

At the moment, the club is in the final stages of refurbishment and all backend casino gaming systems are up and running. Even the staff have been hired and trained. The club has also already recruited 3,600 members to partake in the fifty poker tables, casino gaming, restaurant and bar amenities available in the 15,000 square foot space. Opening night will depend on the actions of the Magistrate Council hearing.